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Tifft Heritage Fund

The Tifft Heritage Fund grant was awarded to me in July of 2020, yes, when all the world seemed to be shutting down. It was a scary lonely time and seemed to be the beginning of a world darker than ever, so it was a special award to me; it gave me a forward looking opportunity to paint, to create a more beautiful inner and outer space with purpose and direction, and to plan ahead to a day when we could resume art classes in person again.

The Tifft Heritage Fund is designed to share the artistic life and works of Janet Tifft and it awards artists with a grant and charge to grow their talents through the review and exploration of Janet's creative tools and paintings. And so I dedicate this page to Janet Tifft and the inspiration her notes and paintings invoke in me.  It is the plan and hope that by the end of the program, in late spring of 2021, a class inspired via this grant will be available for beginner level students to learn of Janet's works and paint a Janet-inspired composition.

An easy watercolor class for beginners:

Freesia Flowers in Milkglass, on a contemporary background.

See the whole class on YouTube at

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